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IOC Goes Stateside

Just a short note for you today to keep you in the loop with what’s been going on in the world of IOC. We are delighted to receive our first American media coverage in the form of an amazing review from fashion blogger, Natalie, at UrbanVox. It sounds as if she liked us. Welcome to the IOC family, Natalie. If you missed it on the website, take a gander at the link below;


Natalie writes a brilliant blog on matters of Life, Style and Beauty at www.oheartsan.com. If you like quality writing backed up by a cool soundtrack, be sure to check out more of her work. She’ll be glad you stopped by.

Also, recently on the interweb, I was interviewed by American lifestyle website, ‘My Dreams Matter’ in which I discussed writing inspiration, motivation and the importance of checking your trousers are fastened before speaking in public. Have a quick look here:


I’m sure the artists who have faced the legendary IOC interviews will be glad to see me on the other side for a change! It should also put to rest all those rumours that I am merely a robot from the future, created in the IOC labs, to generate words at random. It turns out I do actually exist outside the confines of this office. Which was a huge relief to me, I can tell you.