–––––––– THE INK ON COTTON BLOG ––––––––

The Final Countdown

You join us during a busy and exciting week here at IOC HQ. As we count down to the big official launch on March 1st 2015, I wanted to share some of my own thoughts on IOC and the journey so far.

My interest was piqued many months ago when Neil first handed me one of his freshly minted business cards. Once I had got over my initial comparisons to the business card scene in American Psycho, (I’ve never seen a man as excited by a piece of card. Seriously, he was like a child in a chocolate rocking horse shop), I starting looking into the concept and Neil’s enthusiasm was infectious. For me, that was the major attraction to the project. Not just that it was great idea, but that every single member of the team was as dedicated and enthused by it as Neil and Tony.

I have watched as IOC has transformed from a mere good idea to an actual living, breathing thing. I have seen the artists create the designs from nothing, fuelled only by pure imagination. And possibly coffee. That is one of the things that makes IOC unique. When we work with an artist there is no template, no game plan. Artists are creative people. To see their best, you let them create. This ethos has continued to my contribution also. And although it means starting out each time with the writers’ terror of the blank screen and no known route to the last full stop, I believe it leads us all to the top of our game. And because the focus is on art rather than tattoos per se, it allows everyone to enjoy it, whether they are themselves inked or not.

So now, here we are. As any frequent flyer will tell you, the most dangerous part of any flight is the take off. Once you’re in the air, it’s easier to ride out the turbulence. Then you can get back to chatting up the flight crew, who have heard it all before and just want to get on with the safety demonstrations. It’s been said that the definition of a good pilot is one whose record shows the same number of take-offs as landings.

Well, the IOC ‘soft launch’ was sent into the sky and safely grounded at its destination.

We are 1:1 on the take-off and landing record. Here’s to the next one and many more.

Thank you for flying IOC, where every passenger travels first class.